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Ruby, originally from Brooklyn, is here visiting her son in Panama City. Works as a jewelry designer for her own company called Bejeweled. 

What’s your favorite thing that you’re wearing today? This bracelet [on the right]. It’s Hopi. My shoes are from Mexico, from the village Diego Rivera is from. Rivera is a very important artist for me.

What’re you looking forward to doing in Panama? I’m going to Santa Fe in the Veraguas province. I grow flowers and they have many species there, especially orchids.

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Keyra, Panamá, Panamá. Estudiante.

¿Tu cosa preferida que estás llevando hoy? Los zapatos. Son de Conway.

¿Que recomendarías de Panamá? La playa, especialmente Isla Grande.

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Siu Fung. Panamá, Panamá. Works in mass media.

Tell us a little about what you’re wearing. It’s called Lolita. It’s a modern fusion of European styles. I buy [the clothes] directly from Japan.

Where do you shop in Panama? Sometimes I go to Saks or the Estampa outlet.

What’s happening on that stage behind you? I’m not sure. I just came here to see my friends dance.

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Bradley Luna Wilson, freelance drafting, art, and furniture-making. Originally from Austin, Texas. See some of his work here.

What’s your favorite thing you have with you today? My motorcycle. It’s a 200cc Honda XL.

What’s the best place in Panama to listen to music?  I hear there’s a good jazz bar but I have yet to find it.

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Happy Chinese New Year! Some pictures from the Chinese New Year festival at the El Dorado mall.

Free samples of squeeze cheese.

Lovable and inflatable friends of the squeeze cheese.

Oh, ya know. Just a little girl scaling Panama's largest Coke machine.

The performers everybody is watching in the photo above. Note the awesome white jeans.

Sun setting.

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Valeska, originally from Miami, Florida. Occupation: bad bitch. 

What’s your favorite thing you’re wearing today? This sheer shawl from American Apparel.

What’s the best place in Panama to drink wine and watch old movies? DiVino Enoteca.

[Edit: Valeska’s necklace is for Festival Abierto, a big event that’s going down in Parque Omar in April.] 

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Pictures and people of Jazzfest 2012. 

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