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Jacqueline Brandwayn is a Panama-based Colombian-born artist whose recent show “Beautiful: A celebration of being a woman” premiered at Espacio Panama last week. We liked it lots. (See some photos here.) Brandwayn has made her mark on Panama (particularly on Casco Viejo, where she has her studio) both literally and metaphorically. Besides being a painter, Jacqueline is a street artist, whose distinctive leg stencil graffiti is visible all over Casco. Jacqueline has a background in graphic design and photography, the latter of which she studied at Emerson College along with advertising. During the week, Brandwayn designs the accessory line for Converse. (Jacqueline, how do you do it?!)

We visited Jacqueline’s studio last weekend at the Santa Familia community center in Casco. It’s a beautiful space and so close to the ocean that “When is the tide is high you can listen to the breaking of the waves,” Jacqueline said. We first spoke in her current workspace, then moved to her old studio upstairs, where there was (and still is) no door. “One time I came in at night and there were seven crackheads hanging out.” She moved downstairs.

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Rochelle Tolani, from Panama. Freelance graphic designer & illustrator.

What do you do exactly? I just graduated. I’m designing a new magazine that’s coming out. It’s called “Ser Mama.”

Where do you hang out in Panama CityWhen I’m not in my house designing, I’m here in Casco. Most of the time I’m at Relic or Villa Agustina. You can meet people from all other countries there, which is cool.

What else do you recommend in Panama? Nature. We have the mountains and the beaches. [In the city] sometimes I go to Cerro Ancon and draw.

Where do you see yourself in the future? I want to go to London [for grad school]. I’m traumatized by London.

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Un panameño y una española. José is a musician in a band called Santos y Demonios and an interpreter. Bárbara is cultural manager and an artist. See some of her work here.

What do you like to do on the weekends? José: surf. Bárbara: walk and swim.

¿Que recomendarían en Casco Viejo? Bárbara: El Arco Chato.

[Bloggers’ note: The arch really is beautiful. If you’re not from Panama City check out photos of it here.]

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Ruby, originally from Brooklyn, is here visiting her son in Panama City. Works as a jewelry designer for her own company called Bejeweled. 

What’s your favorite thing that you’re wearing today? This bracelet [on the right]. It’s Hopi. My shoes are from Mexico, from the village Diego Rivera is from. Rivera is a very important artist for me.

What’re you looking forward to doing in Panama? I’m going to Santa Fe in the Veraguas province. I grow flowers and they have many species there, especially orchids.

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Keyra, Panamá, Panamá. Estudiante.

¿Tu cosa preferida que estás llevando hoy? Los zapatos. Son de Conway.

¿Que recomendarías de Panamá? La playa, especialmente Isla Grande.

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Bradley Luna Wilson, freelance drafting, art, and furniture-making. Originally from Austin, Texas. See some of his work here.

What’s your favorite thing you have with you today? My motorcycle. It’s a 200cc Honda XL.

What’s the best place in Panama to listen to music?  I hear there’s a good jazz bar but I have yet to find it.

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Valeska, originally from Miami, Florida. Occupation: bad bitch. 

What’s your favorite thing you’re wearing today? This sheer shawl from American Apparel.

What’s the best place in Panama to drink wine and watch old movies? DiVino Enoteca.

[Edit: Valeska’s necklace is for Festival Abierto, a big event that’s going down in Parque Omar in April.] 

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Pictures and people of Jazzfest 2012. 

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Carlos Aguilera, Costa Rica. Trabajando en circo espectaculares. Su compañía se llama las 3B. 

¿Cual es su cosa favorita que llevas contigo hoy? Mi uniciclo.

¿Donde te gusta escuchar musica en la ciudad? No conozco mucho de Panamá. Conozco poco.

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Jessica Lee, Panamá, Panamá. Diseñadora gráphica. 

¿Qué es tu cosa favorita que estas llevando hoy? Mi sombrero. Lo compré aqui en Panamá.

¿Qué es tu restaurante favorita en la ciudad? Fridays.

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