Jacqueline Brandwayn's beautiful show Beautiful at Espacio Panama

See more of Wednesday’s opening after the jump:

Jacqueline in front of some of her work

Marianelly Osorio (spot that smile above) is the manager at Espacio Panama. 

Tell us a little about this space. It’s a contemporary gallery – we do arte contemporaneo. What exactly, it depends. Abstract with a little, how you say it, style. Funky.

What do you recommend in Panama City? La Rana Dorada because it’s different and cool. El ambiente es como…for chilling.

Vía Argentina or the Casco La Rana Dorada then? I prefer here. Casco is the best.


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3 responses to “BEAUTIFUL

  1. Great expo, I really love the art and above all the colors, the ambience was amazing too.

    The Black Label

  2. Digamos ԛսe no estoy complеtamente deacuerdo con el texto, pero no est mal el trasfondο.Տaludos 😉

  3. Bսenaѕ,
    Reconozco es la unica vez qսe he llegado este blog y debo decir que mе esta gustando
    y seguramente me veraѕ con frecuencia por
    estos lares.
    Un saludo!

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