Angélica Castillo aka Miss Balanta is a graphic designer, fashion consultant and blogger originally from Colombia. See her blogging at work at missbalanta.com

We’ve heard a little about something you’re doing called “Panayork.” We’re way into that New York-Panama connection. Could you tell us a little more about Panayork? I was living in Barcelona and everyone was asking me why are you moving to Panama?! So I told them, I’m not. I’m moving to Panayork. There are so many cultures and so many people coming together here.

What’s your favorite thing you’re wearing today? This blouse. I got it at Espacio Vintage. It’s actually a man’s t-shirt. A Miami Vice man’s t-shirt.

What do you recommend in PTY? One of my favorite places in Panama ever is Casco. So many new things going on here: fashion, art and music. All kinds of culture. I call it the Casco Village of Panayork; I only go out of the bubble when it’s necessary.

[Laughs] The last time I was interviewed in English was for German TV and it was like ahhhh.


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  1. I love it… Muchas gracias chicas!!


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