Those awesome little legs are a necklace Adrian's boyfriend made from Adrian's old toys.

Adrian Carrillo López is a vestaurista from Panama. You can check out some of his styling work here. He’s also a part of the P.I.M.P. collective or Producciones Independientes de Moda de Panama. He also designs for Panamanian designer Sara Bassan

When did you start working for Sara Bassan? I started when I was about 18. I met Jamie Luna who was doing what I do now. He showed me how to draw. I used to do it like manga, with big eyes. He showed me how to make it like fashion design. When Jamie left her, she called me. She’s a great boss – she leaves me time to do other projects.

What’s her clothing like? Los diseños de Sarita son por una mujer sofisticada. It’s expensive but it’s not really expensive if you see the quality of how it’s made. It’s un servicio muy personalizado. The clients come in y yo diseño varias opciones. Sometimes people say to me, “oh, so then it’s your work.” But no, yo diseño bajo del estilo de la marca de ella.

Do you eventually want to have your own line? Yeah, actually yo voy a empezar pronto con t-shirts.

What’s your own style like? Yo me considera como hippie de la moda. Creo que es el propósito de la moda de disfrutarte, de expresarte. Es porque me pongo cosas como esto [the necklaces]. Hah, basicamente esta es como puedo describirme. I like what the Sartorialist does, he goes to Fashion Week and takes pictures of the audience, more than the high fashion. Because a member of the audience takes inspiration from the runway y eso informa su propio estilo, according to their life and their clima. To me that’s what is the most important part of fashion. Making it your own.

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