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LLOYD AND KEVIN KEENE: The brains behind Villa Agustina

We headed over to Casco this week to talk to Lloyd and Kevin Keene, the brothers behind the indispensable Villa Agustina, the cultural space/party destination where you probably spend most of your weekend nights (and maybe mornings). The Keenes are also a prominent Panamanian DJ duo — Check out the K.E.E.N.E soundcloud here The owner of the Villa Agustina space, Maria, has allowed the Keenes to throw parties there since 2010 and all of Panama City should thank her for it. She also let us open up the big blue doors Tuesday morning and chat inside with the Keene brothers.

Lloyd showed up first with an oatmilk, oatmeal cookies and lots of cool stories. (Notable but not included: his dad once built a car from scratch. It took 12 years.) Kevin came just before we had to head home for work but we got to talk a little while speeding down the Cinta Costera.

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Rochelle Tolani, from Panama. Freelance graphic designer & illustrator.

What do you do exactly? I just graduated. I’m designing a new magazine that’s coming out. It’s called “Ser Mama.”

Where do you hang out in Panama CityWhen I’m not in my house designing, I’m here in Casco. Most of the time I’m at Relic or Villa Agustina. You can meet people from all other countries there, which is cool.

What else do you recommend in Panama? Nature. We have the mountains and the beaches. [In the city] sometimes I go to Cerro Ancon and draw.

Where do you see yourself in the future? I want to go to London [for grad school]. I’m traumatized by London.

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