Charlaine Thomas is a diseñadora industrial from Panama City. We talked to Charlaine about her necklaces on Festival Abierto’s first day but sadly only had snack money with us. We then obviously thought about nothing but necklaces all day. On the second day we went back and were disappointed to not see her at the same spot. Then, while we were sitting on the hill above the stage eating sandwiches, Charlaine walked up with a basket full of jewelry. Perfect. If you just need one of these necklaces or bracelets (we definitely did) email her at 

Did you already graduate from school? Just this year. This is actually part of my thesis. I study in Clayton at Istmo. It’s a five year thing only focused on industrial design and architecture.

How to do make the bracelets? I have two groups: a Kuna group and a Ngöbe group and I give them the designs. It’s been a year now. The necklaces are lasercut plastic.

When did you start selling the jewelry? Now. This is the first time I’m selling these for a market. Before it was by perdido, by demand. After this festival I want people to know that I’m officially independent.

At the end of that short chat there was a small crowd waiting for a better view of the jewelry. We got the hint and moved aside though while we were walking away we heard a woman admire the Panama skyline necklace (and all the changes to the city it represents). Charlaine responded “Es porque digo, Panamá es más joven que tú.”

C&E, happy customers. Photo Cred: AP

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  1. Here visitors cánido dance, party and drink until dawn. En Urbe Todas y cada una.

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