James Abrego, Panama City, Panama. Works as an independent fashion stylist. 

What made you want to do styling? Siempre me gustaba la moda. Siento que, tengo la oportunidad de express myself. It’s funny, I really enjoy it.

Where do you shop in Panama City? I’m used to shopping in Zara. I really like vintage clothes. Espacio Vintage. My mom’s closet.

Any other stores you recommend? Albrook Mall is a good place to shop. Maybe the outlets are good, o sea: El Dorado. Saks. Dorians. The Estampa outlet.

That’s awesome. Dorians is seriously our favorite place in Panama. Where else can you find a wide selection of mom jeans for under two dollars?

Where do you like to hang out around the city? I really like to come to Casco Viejo. You always get what you want to see. La Casona, Villa Agustina. The energy of the people. “I really don’t care about the world. I just wanna stay here and I wanna know people.” That’s the attitude of those places


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2 responses to “JAMES

  1. Really nice..James is very talented and a very cool guy too….oh and Dorian´s and Saks…the best places to go..at least for me xD

  2. Los аrticulos me gustaron baastante mas pero bueno, no esta mal tampoco ;

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