KRELWear, the line of Miami-based designer Karelle Levy, came to Panama City last Friday night for an event at Tantalo Hotel. Levy has a background in performance art and that flair for the dramatic came through at this wild and colorful affair, presented by Miss Moss, to promote her new DiscGlo collection. KREL specializes in knitwear, not an obvious material choice for Miami or Panama, though after seeing the neon hotpants we’ve completely changed our minds. Come back again, KREL?

More backstage shots after the jump.


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  1. massiel

    Eres expectacular maquillista…. Me falto tomarm la foto contigo ers excelente

  2. Thibault

    I remember that night, I was hanging out with some friends and was given a card refering to this blog. We talked a little bit but I had to leave. Very nice blog and good work. Keep on updating. Cheers.

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